Nite'n Gale

Nite'n Gale

Born on the longest day of the year, the middle-class name of Nite'n Gale - Ruth Siegenthaler - indicates her Emmental origins.
Her voice, breathing and special singing fascinated her from an early age. Thus singing and music not only grew into her favourite pastimes, but were also daily elements in her chosen profession as a speech therapist.
Today she has her own practice and works as an energy therapist.
Nite'n Gale started her singing career at the age of 16. She describes soul, jazz and blues as her musical "foremothers", which bring out her full voice particularly well.
In her incredibly active life, singing classical works had as much place as experience with international song contests, a cappella formations or with a musical role in Anatevka.
Together with Marc Bangerter and Bernhard Ferrario the project Nite'n Gale was started in autumn 1995 and produced 3 singles.


B With U
B With U

1. B With U (Radio Edit) 3:49
2. B With U (B Free Mix) 4:16
3. B With U
(B Under Control Remix) 4:56
4. The Rose 4:01

Even If It Hurts
Even If It Hurts

1. Even If It Hurts (Radio Edit) 4:02
2. Even If It Hurts
(Long Breath Mix) 6:48
3. Even If It Hurts
(Rich Bottom Mix) 3:25
4. Even If It Hurts
(Instrumental) 3:59


1. Summertime (Radio Edit) 2:55
2. Summertime
(Summer Nite Mix) 4:34
3. Summertime
(Nite Club Remix) 7:09

Club Tour '98/'99
Club Tour 98/99

1. Intro 2:17
2. Summertime 2:54
3. Was It Worth It? 4:25
4. The Rose 4:00
5. Summertime (remix) 5:15
6. Intro (Even If It Hurts) 0:47
7. Even If It Hurts 4:00
8. Intro (Guardian Angel)
9. Guardian Angel
10. Reprise The Rose

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